case study
ISO 27001
June 6, 2024
Approx 3 min read

Streamlining Global Data Compliance for VL Media

The situation

The challenge faced by VL Media, a rapidly growing software scale-up, was to secure and achieve data compliance across tens of dating apps used in 180 different countries, each with specific data compliance regulations. With over 150 million users and apps in 20 different languages, the need to comply with a growing number of international data privacy laws became increasingly complex.

The challenge

Ensuring compliance when your apps are used worldwide is no small feat. VL Media needed a solution that would not only take care of their business's cybersecurity but also keep up with their data compliance needs while allowing them to focus on growth. The challenge was to manage data compliance efficiently across multiple jurisdictions with varying regulations without overwhelming their internal resources.

The solution

VL Media opted for Naq's automated healthcare compliance platform to effectively manage their data compliance needs. Naq’s platform streamlined their journey towards meeting critical frameworks like GDPR, Cyber Essentials, and ISO 27001, providing VL Media with a clear overview of the necessary steps for compliance.

Through Naq's automated platform and additional support from our in-house security and data compliance experts, VL Media can now easily manage the security of their bespoke applications while ensuring their apps' privacy policies align with local data compliance regulations, regardless of where they're used.

Naq’s platform enabled VL Media to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Obtain all the policies and actions needed to comply with GDPR and other global data privacy regulations. Manage privacy policies for all apps through a single platform, regardless of location and data regulations.
  2. Use Naq's guided security actions to secure their business, apps, and customer data, ensuring sensitive information is safe from cybercriminals and gaining a competitive advantage by demonstrating a commitment to security.
  3. Build a culture of compliance and security throughout the organisation by using Naq's built-in training courses, enabling both current and new employees to handle VL Media's data securely and in a compliant manner.

The result

  • Over 140 hours saved: On compliance documentation
  • Over 80% savings: Compared to consultants and lawyers
  • Competitive advantage: Over competitors without a security focus

Cagil Simsek, Legal Counsel at VL Media, commented on the Naq solution: "We love working with Naq. They've helped us to manage our cybersecurity and data compliance. As well as the platform, their service continues to scale with our demands; they've even helped us tailor our compliance policies in line with the new markets where we want to operate."