Automate NHS compliance and keep patient data secured.

Prove your commitment to securing patient data and automate compliance with frameworks like NHS DSPT, DTAC, Cyber Essentials and more with Naq.

Prove your commitment to keeping patient data secured.

Naq’s platform ensures you have the necessary cyber security controls to secure patient data and comply with the NHS DSPT, DTAC, DCB0129, ISO27001 and more.

Train your team, identify threats and solve emerging security risks directly within the Naq platform.

Maintain continuous compliance with NHS  frameworks.

Compliance is critical for your business, and Naq makes it easy.

From Cyber Essentials to NHS DSPT and DTAC to clinical risk frameworks like DCB0129, our platform automates 80% of the manual work needed to achieve and maintain continuous compliance, saving you time, money and helping you close deals faster.

Close contracts faster with streamlined
due diligence.

Naq’s platform generates the answers you need to complete the security questionnaires required to secure contracts with NHS and government partners. Demonstrate your commitment to compliance and patient data protection with Naq’s verified reports.

Incision Group

Join hundreds enjoying  frictionless compliance.

"Naq provided outstanding service to prepare us for and enable us to meet the complex cyber security regulatory requirements for the NHS. Their help with internal device security management was also invaluable in improving our security posture and capabilities"

Incision Group

Automate your compliance.

Turn compliance and assurance into your competitive advantage.
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